3 Effective Ways to Stop Procrastinating

As much as I like to think I am not a procrastinator, there are particular tasks I hate doing and always end up procrastinating as long as I possibly can.

I think you know what I mean! Whether its chores like doing the dishes and laundry or setting up that dentist appointment you are dreading, there are just certain things in this world that we just can’t help but procrastinate on!

Now, procrastinating on the small things like dishes isn’t typically a big deal. But sometimes we use the same mentality of procrastinating on bigger items like paying bills or completing that ever daunting task at work.

So how do you combat this procrastination thought process to help conquer both the small insignificant tasks as well as the larger more paramount tasks.

Well, small steps and change of mind really do the trick! Here are 3 effective ways to you can avoid procrastinating those pesky tasks or chores!

Block Out Time

The first great way to stop procrastinating is to first set time aside to complete the task. Work to block out time to complete the item and then stick to it!

By scheduling the task into your day, you are telling yourself that this is an important item and must be completed during the time you have set aside.
Similar to meetings or working out, by scheduling time to complete the item you are more likely to complete the task at hand because it is not only in your mind, but in your calendar as well.

Try using Google Calendar or the calendar in your phone to set reminders or alarms to keep you on track!

One Step at a Time

A super easy way to tackle an item you are procrastinating is to just take one small step to accomplishing it. That’s it! You are not committing to the full task, you are just committing to the first small step.

Once you complete the first small step, try another, and another. See how far you get into actually accomplishing the item!

For example, if you are procrastinating say cleaning the bathroom, start by completing the first step of rounding up some cleaning supplies together. Then commit to just cleaning the sink. If you still feel like going, commit to cleaning the mirrors.

Keep committing to only one step at a time! You will be surprised how many smaller steps you get done as they are less daunting then the full task!
I really like to use this thought process for the bigger items I need to complete as it is so much easier to get started on a smaller step rather then jumping in and committing to the large complicated task!

Reward System

Another great way I get myself to stop procrastinating is to offer myself a reward for completing the task at hand. I like to reward myself for finishing things like allowing myself to watch my favorite show or maybe relax for the rest of the day.

For bigger tasks I allow myself to buy that product or item I have been wanting or set aside some money to go out to eat.

I know it might sound crazy, but for me it works! I am motivated to get done what I need to and am rewarded with a little something afterwards! Making this a win-win!

I hope this blog post has given you a few effective ways to help you stop your procrastination. Let me know in the comments what other ways you combat procrastination!

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