5 Great Dog Owner Finds From Amazon

I am a crazy DOG MOM! Yup, I said it and I am not ashamed! I love my dogs so dang much and just want to hang out with them everyday all day. They be my PEEPS.

So, when it comes to dog treats, food, toys, or accessories, I really put some effort into finding my little fur babies some great stuff! Roxy loves her toys and Roscoe loves the treats!

Here are some awesome dog items I found on Amazon that I have been loving and figured I needed to share with you.

First off, I wanted to get them all new collars and matching leashes. For Roscoe I found this leather leash and collar set for less than $30! Shoot Yeah! Check out Roscoe’s new bling here!

For Roxy, I wanted to get something super cute and girly. That is when I found this super cute floral collar with matching bow! I can’t get over how stinking cute she is when she wears it! Check out Roxy’s Floral Bow Collar here! Also get the matching leash here!

Next, I wanted to get a Doggie travel bag that we could use when we head to the park or head out of town! I found this super cute backpack that contains two dog food containers and two bowls that can flatten to fit in the front pockets. This PetAmi Dog Travel bag comes in various colors and is super well made. I love mine!

With all the accessories out of the way I figured I’d also look for a couple of treats/food that would help them internally! So the first thing I ordered were the Greenies Original Dental Treats for their teeth. I can’t believe how great these things work. The greenies have really helped to eliminate the plaque on their teeth and give them those pearly whites! I highly suggest giving these a try here.

Lastly, I thought I should also try and help their stomachs out. So I figured I’d give these Instinct Raw Boosters a try. Unlike the Greenies, where you can really notice a difference, these raw boosters are a bit harder to tell. I feel like they may be helping with their bathroom breaks (#2!) which has helped to eliminate the back end stink that would occur from time to time. So I am still forming an opinion on these, but figured I share it with you all in case these Instinct Raw Boosters are something you might want to give them a try!

Hope you love these puppy finds as much as I do!

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