6 Benefits of Journaling

With the New Year upon us, what better time to take up a new habit that can help in your career, relationships, health, and so much more! That new habit is the simple act of Journaling!

Now, when it comes to journaling you either love it or you hate it. I know it was something I was never too fond of and still have trouble with! So why in the world would I be writing about it? Well, as of late I have been forcing myself to journal (as you can see I like to challenge myself).

With my journaling I have started to notice that I have been feeling a lot happier lately and am way more connected with myself! Who knew writing some stuff on paper could do so much.

So how can journaling help you? Why should you do it?

Here are the 6 ways journaling can help you!

Reduce Stress – Journaling can help to reduce stress by getting things on paper in order to get things off your chest. This way you are able to express yourself and explore your thoughts. Try journaling right before bed to reflect on the day.

Improves Happiness – By practicing gratitude through journaling it can help you to remember the good things you have in your life. Making you happier as you are constantly reminded of what positive things you experience on a day to day basis!

Achieve goals – By journaling your goals everyday, you begin to manifest these ideas. Since writing helps you remember things, this helps to place your goal at the front of your mind. Helping you to be constantly reminded what you are working towards.

Improve communication skills – Writing everyday can help improve your communication skills, making you a better speaker. If you aim to write at an elevated level, you will speak at an elevated level. Practice makes perfect!

Emotional intelligence – Journaling forces you to focus on you! You begin to focus on your own thoughts and feelings, helping you to become more in-tune with your emotions.

Boost memory – By writing down memories from the day, or thoughts you had, you are forcing your brain to recollect these memories resulting in you strengthening those recall “muscles” which can improve your memory.

With all of these benefits of journaling it’s crazy more people don’t do it! It does take some time, but why not take a few minutes every day to not only improve your happiness but help you reduce stress and achieve some goals along the way!

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