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11 Adorable Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is finally upon us and I couldn't be more excited! So excited that we went ahead and got our Christmas décor shopping in early! This year we went not only to Target, but to Lowes as well! We really found some great decorations this year and we put them up around the house as soon as we got home. From cute table top decorations, to wall prints and matching books, we really found some Christmas gems this year!

Easy DIY Fall Pillow Cases

I absolutely love decorating for fall! With that, my fall decoration collection is growing at an exciting but alarming rate. So I have recently been trying to find space saving decorations, such as these super easy DIY Fall Pillow Cases.

4 Habits to Keep a Cleaner Home

So I strive to keep a clean house. Does it always happen? Nope, I’m human. But I sure as heck give it a whirl. I feel most comfortable at my house when things are neat and tidy. But with two dogs (one that loves her chew toys), a husband whose tools are everywhere, and myself, who lets my lazy girl out, it sure is hard to keep things clean. Here are some great tips to keeping your house clean!


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