Super Delicious Mushroom Coffee

I don't know about you but coffee always gives me the jitters and ends up making my stomach feel sour throughout the day. Unfortunately, I love the taste of coffee and there are days I definitely need the caffeine! So what's a girl to do? Well good news is that there is an alternative that tastes exactly like coffee without the crazy side-effects. Curious to know what it is? Well, I am talking about the Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee!

Two Delicious Meal Service Plans to Use In 2021

I try to eat clean fresh food when possible, but after a long day of work I tend to get super lazy and hungry which usually leads to me eating subpar food. I recently started looking into pre-made meals that were already prepared, all I had to do was pop the meal in the microwave or oven to heat it up. Here are two great meal plans to try in 2021.

Conquering My Seasonal Allergies – (Part 2) Start of the Drops

In my first allergy post I discussed my allergy symptoms, my consultations with my allergy doctor, along with the results of my allergy test which showed I was allergic to half the plants in New Mexico! After this initial consultation and discovery phase I decided to begin an allergy drop treatment. Here is how the drops work!

My Favorite at Home Workouts!

The idea of going to a gym absolutely exhausts me! I have never been into the idea of having to get dressed, drive to a location, all just to work out next to people I don't know on random equipment. The gym has just never been my scene. So I am a huge fan of at home workouts. Here are some ways you can workout at home as well!

Intermittent Fasting. Is it for you?

What the heck is intermittent fasting and why is it so darn good for you? Well, to start, intermittent fasting is where you choose a specific window of time where you refrain from consuming food. You begin to alternate between periods of eating and periods of fasting. This time restricted fasting can last as long as a few days.


I’m Matti!​ I'm all about helping my fellow ladies through lifestyle tips, delicious recipes, quick and easy DIY projects, and good Ol' basic girl talk! I am here to help you kick butt at life!

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