Conquering My Seasonal Allergies – (Part 2) Start of the Drops

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

First, for a quick refresher. In my first allergy post (found here) I discussed my allergy symptoms, my consultations with my allergy doctor, along with the results of my allergy test which showed I was allergic to half the plants in New Mexico!

After this initial consultation and discovery phase I decided to begin an allergy drop treatment.

How the Drops Work

My allergy treatment regimen consists of taking oral drops under the tongue, once a day, for a duration of 3 to 5 years (I know this seems like a long time but how long have you been taking allergy medicine, your entire life perhaps?).

The allergy doctor explained that the drops themselves contain very small amounts of the allergens that you’re allergic to. By slowly introducing the allergens directly into your system your body should become desensitized to those allergens over time.

As a result of this “desensitization” your allergy symptoms should decrease with the final intended result being to eliminate your allergy symptoms as much as possible.

The Process

Once I decided to begin an allergy drop treatment, my doctor prescribed a “cocktail” of the most aggressive allergens I tested positive for. This “recipe” was then sent by my doctor’s office directly to the company who actually mixes and ships the drops. My particular provider is called “My Allergy Drops”.

Once My Allergy Drops received my prescription they gave me a call and walked me through the ordering process as well as the payment options. The payment options for a 3-month supply of drops are pretty simple.

You can chose either a one time payment of $300 or a short payment plan consisting of $100/month for 3 months. I decided to go with the $100 per month option because, well, it hurt less.

The initial setup with My Allergy Drops was very straight forward. All I had to do was create an online account profile via their website. Then I simply set up my shipping address and payment information within my profile.

With any allergy treatment such as drops or shots, you should understand that your are introducing allergens into your system and so the doctor will take precautions against rare allergic reactions.

One of those precautions is that the first shipment of drops has to be delivered directly to the doctor’s office where they administer the initial dosage. This is actually helpful as they can also walk you through the process of how and when to take the drops.

The other precaution taken is that you will be prescribed what is called an “Epi-pen”. During your initial dosage visit your doctor will also explain how to use this device in case a rare allergic reaction were to happen away from the doctor’s office as you go about your normal life.


The drops are to be taken once a day and you let them sit under tongue for 2 minutes and you increase the quantity of drops taken as follows:

  • 1st Week – 1 Drop Daily
  • 2nd Week – 2 Drops Daily
  • 3+ Weeks – 4 Drops Daily

My Experience

Since starting the allergy drops 7 weeks ago (as of the date of writing this post) I have not noticed any change in my overall allergy symptoms. What I have been experiencing is a slight reaction to the drops.

Immediately after administering the drops, small bumps appear under my tongue and my throat becomes slightly itchy. This is a very slight reaction that only seems to last a few minutes immediately after taking the drops.

I am currently on week 7 and I am taking the full-strength dosage of 4 drops daily. I am also currently still taking over the counter allergy medicine every day (typical Claritin and sometimes Zyrtec).

I have also began using an app to help remind me to take the drops everyday at the same time. Although it is okay to miss a day every once in a while, it is imperative to remain consistent with the drops.

I will update you all in a few months on my progress as it has been said that after 2-3 months patients notice their allergies decrease significantly.

Let me know in the comments if you have taken allergy drops and what your experience has been like. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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