Drink That Water! Why Drinking Water is Important and How to Actually Drink More!

I know everyone says it, but it is extremely important. DRINK. WATER.

Drinking more water can be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. That’s why everyone harps on it. I can’t stress it enough, drink more water. One more time for those in the back, drink more water.

Here’s why drinking water is so important.

Drinking water can boost skin health, regulate body temperature, aid your digestive system, help to flush body waste, improve weight loss, and can also increase energy.

With water making up the majority of our bodies, it’s no wonder it is so flippin good for you. So once again….. drink more water!

Here are ways I have been increasing my water intake while actually enjoying it!


First, figure out how much you should be drinking. When you go to look this up, everyone has different opinions all the way from ⅔ of your body weight to a 9-11 cups a day while some take age or activity levels into account and others only focus on gender.

With all the different opinions, it is hard to tell exactly how much you should be consuming. My rule of thumb is to shoot for anywhere between sixty-five and seventy-five percent of my body weight because this seems to be in the same range as ⅔ of my weight and 9-11 cups (which for me is between 70 and 85 oz).

As always, you should look at your own situation and lifestyle to determine what is best for you.

Water Bottle

To help me enjoy drinking water, I had to get a cute A$$ water bottle that not only provides a time tracker, but also has motivational sayings on the back!—>>

I absolutely love this because I am constantly reminded of how much water I should be drinking by a certain time of the day.

This really allows me to stay on track with my water intake throughout the entire day.

Here are some other cool bottles with similar trackers to help you drink that water!

Incorporate an app

Along with using a water bottle with a time tracker, I also use an app to help me track all water I consume throughout the day.

The app I use is called My Water Balance. This app not only allows you to log how much water you drink, but also allows you to input other drinks like coffee, sodas, even wine and beer, and calculates the percent of water you obtained from each beverage.

The free version only has water, coffee, and tea options. I went ahead and paid the $10 to upgrade to the premium version that has no ads and more beverage options.

Some other apps I tried were Plant Nanny and Aqualert. Plant Nanny makes drinking water into more of a game where you log the amount of water you drink into the app by “watering” your plant.

Aqualert had a more simple idea by only tracking how much water you drink. This is a good app if you are looking to open the app and quickly log the water you drink.

Out of the three apps I tried, My Water Balance was definitely my favorite as I was able to accurately track how much water I consumed whether that was through water or whatever beverage I chose.

Other Beverages

Drinking water alone is great but can get tiresome!

Sometimes we just need some change in our daily routine to break up the monotony.

So if you are tired of just drinking plain water or don’t like water to begin with, try drinking water infused with other flavors.

This could be tea, coffee, flavored mineral water, fruit infused water, etc.

May Favorites include:

  • Black Tea – I get mine from Old Barrel Tea Co. (My favorites are Mexican Hot Chocolate and the Pecan Pie Pu Erh).
  • Herbal Fruity Tea – I get mine from Figments Tea Shop (My favorite is Angel Falls Mist)
  • Sparkling Water – My favorites are WaterLoo and Bubly (These have zero sugar just natural flavors).
  • Infused Water – I love making my own infused water as it tastes delicious and also makes me fill like super healthy. Check out these awesome combos below to make your own! (I use a 2 quart Infuser to make these – feel free to add more or less ingredients depending on your own tastes)

Lemon Cucumber

(1/2 sliced cucumber, 1 sliced lemon)

Orange Kiwi

(1 sliced orange, 2 peeled and sliced kiwi, optional mint leaves)

Watermelon Mint

(2 cups sliced watermelon, 1/2 cup mint leaves

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Believe it or not, but your fruits and veggies actually contain quite a bit of water themselves. Ever wonder why they call it WATERmelon? Well its full of water, actually it contains more then 90% water per bite.

Other fruits high in water are strawberries, grapefruit and cantaloupes. Some veggies high in water content include cucumber, lettuce, zucchini, and celery. So stick to that healthy diet of fruits and veggies to help you get your daily water intake.

What are other ways you get in your daily water? I’d love to hear fun news ways to help us stay hydrated! Let me know in the comments below.

As always, I hope this has helped you!

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