Easy DIY Fall Pillow Cases

I absolutely love decorating for fall! With that, my fall decoration collection is growing at an exciting but alarming rate. So I have recently been trying to find space saving decorations, such as these super easy DIY Fall Pillow Cases.

These pillow cases are made to cover the couch pillows I already have. This way, I am not storing a box full of fluffy pillows all year. I simply get to fold these pillow cases up and store them easily with my other decorations.

The coolest part about these pillow cases is that you can make them out of any fabric you want. So why not make some for not only fall, but for Christmas as well!

Follow these steps to make your own!

Easy DIY Fall Pillow Cases

1. Measure your pillow with a flexible measuring tape so that the thickness is already accounted for. Measuring from seam to seam of the pillow.

  • For example: I had four pillows that were 17 inches long by 17 inches wide (seam to seam).

2. Cut out the front square of the pillow by adding 1/2″ to each side of your seam to seam measurement for a total addition of one inch to the total length and one inch to the total width.

  • For example: If the pillow is 17″x17″, cut a square of fabric that is 18″x18″.

3. Cut out the two back flaps of the pillow at the same width you used for the first square, but alter the length to be half the length of the first square plus 3 inches.

  • For example the first square was 18″x18″, the two flaps will be 18″ by 12″ (half of 18 is 9, plus 3 equals 12 – not very scientific but you just want to make sure that when you hem the two flaps you will still have enough fabric to fully cover the back side of the pillow).

4. Hem one long edge of each of the rectangular flaps by folding about 1/4″ over and making a single stitch near the fold. Proceed to fold the hemmed side over once more and make another stitch near the fold (double hem). This will make a clean finish. (See below, single hem on left, double hem on right).

  • For example: I double hemmed one of the 18″ long sides of each flap.

5. Place the larger square right side up (print up) on a table and pin one of the rectangular flaps wrong side up (print down) on the square lining the edges together with the hemmed end towards the center of the square.

6. Pin the other rectangle flap to opposite side of the square so the hemmed edges of the flaps overlap in the center. (Lining all the exterior edges of the flaps with the front square).

7. Sew the perimeter of the layered square about 1/4″ in from the edges around all four sides.

8. Turn the pillow case right-side out so the print is now on the exterior and slip the pillow in through the back flaps inside the brand new pillow case.

*I used 2 1/2 yards of fabric for four 17″x17″ pillows that were roughly 3″ thick.

Hope these little pillow cases help to bring that warm and cozy fall feeling to your home!

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