Four Amazing Products To Try

Happy February everyone! Hope you are having a great start to the year.

Every new year I set some new goals and plan to try new things. I feel it is the best time to get a fresh start and work on a new and improved version of me.

This year I started trying out a few new products and have absolutely been loving them! From hair tools to electrolyte powder, here are some great items you never knew you needed!

Revlon Hair Dryer Volumizer Brush

This may be the one product that I have tried that literally made me smile after using it! I have tried to do the blow dryer and brush combo to get that beautiful blowout, but have failed miserably. This new Revlon Hair dryer Volumizer Brush is amazing as its the brush and blow dryer in one and helps those of us who can’t work two tools at once. I start with my hair slightly damp, then divide my hair into sections, running the brush through each section until dry. I love how it makes my hair feel and how much volume it adds to my hair. Love it! Give it a try if you can.

LMNT Electrolyte Powder

So I try drinking water all day everyday to try and stay hydrated. Well turns out, my body has a hard time retaining the water. It runs right through me! Well, I recently stumbled on to these little LMNT Recharge electrolyte powder packets. Incorporating these into my daily routine has really helped me stay hydrated and retain more water!

Dime Beauty Eyelash Serum

Searching for ways to get longer eye lashes? I know I am! In my pursuit of gorgeously long lashes, I gave this DIME Eyelash Boost Serum a try. I started using this back in November and have been astonished by the results. This serum truly helps to grow and thicken your eye lashes. I put this on every night before bed. It takes less then 10 seconds and has made such a difference. This is one you definitely need in your makeup bag!

Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer-Cream

During the Covid pandemic, I started wearing less makeup because well, I wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t seeing anyone! Wearing less has been better for my skin and I save a bunch of time. One product I incorporated into my daily routine is the Bare Minerals Prime Time Bb Primer-Cream. This product contains some tint, a little bit of moisture, and some sun protection, its everthing you need in one! I just throw this on after my moisturizer and go! It’s super silky soft and helps to even out my facial skin tone without having to use 10 different products. Give it a try!

Are you trying out anything new lately? Anything you are loving and want to share? Let me know in the comments.

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