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So as I am sure you’ve heard, it is not only important what you put in your body, but what you put on it as well. This means all of the makeup and skin products we use on a daily basis could actually affect our health. From just being harmful to the skin, causing internal health side effects, or even possibly leading to cancer, these everyday products could be the source of major health problems. That is why it is so important to learn what ingredients you are applying to your skin on a daily basis.

So I do not plan to go into the specifics of why it is better to use non-toxic products as there are so many blogs and articles that already focus on this. I actually plan to test out a few non-toxic makeup and skin care products from a few different companies and provide my reviews on the products.

Today’s blog will focus on the Honest Beauty company. This company was founded by Jessica Alba and their focus is clean, sustainable, and well designed products that work! Honest Beauty is a non-toxic brand that is also eco-friendly. According to the Honest website they ban over 2500 questionable ingredients. One other positive note is that according to the 15 Minute Beauty blog, a majority of these products are Pregnancy and Nursing safe! Lastly, I also used the EWG Skin Deep tool to confirm these products are truly non-toxic! (More on this website at the end of this post!)

Searching through the Honest Beauty site I found that they offer quite a few products not only for makeup but bath+body, cleaning, diapers and more. This was great to see that there are so many options available for non-toxic products but also a tad overwhelming when it came to selecting the makeup I wanted. So I figured it would be good to start with a couple of pre-bundled kits and one other item that caught my eye. The 2 product bundles I purchased were the No Makeup Face Kit and the 3 Steps to Dewy Skin as well as I grabbed a Prime + Perfect Face Mask.

Overall Thoughts

I’ll start with my overall thoughts so you dont have to read through my entire review before you find out if I liked these products or not. Well, I am excited to say that I actually really liked all of these products. I was shocked at how easy it was to use every item as well as super impressed at how good they actually worked!

Also, I want to point out that I felt all of these items were very reasonably priced. If you have ever looked up non-toxic makeup or even just high quality makeup in general, the price of just one item could cost anywhere from $30 to $100 (or more) for just one product. The No Make Up Face Kit I purchased contains 7 different items and is currently $103. That is about $15 per item! Not too shabby for some non-toxic makeup!

Below is my review of each item I purchased and have be using for the past couple of weeks.

No Makeup Face Kit

Everything Primer Glow + 2HA

I haven’t used many primers, so not exactly sure how this primer compares. However, I do use it as more of a moisturizer before I put on the Tinted CCCcream and feel this primer does give my skin a nice glow!

CCC Clean Corrective with Vitamin C Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I love this product! Mostly cause it is tinted and contains sunscreen, but also how easy it is to apply! It really helps to even out my skin tone and gives my face a nice tanned look, making it look like I put way more effort into my makeup then I really did!

Luminizing Glow Powder

So this glow powder acts as a highlighter powder. Per the instructions you are to dust it onto your cheek bones and T zone to add that natural glow to your skin. I have noticed it does provide a subtle glow, it’s not super bright or anything, but if you are going for that natural glow, this glow powder is great.

Lit Powder Blush

This blush has such great color that lasts all day. I went for the deep purple shade called femme which on my skin tone goes on really dark so I don’t actually have to use too much for it to really add that pop of color.

Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

I am very pleased with this mascara and lash primer combo! The primer gives my lashes some good volume and just a tad bit of length (I have used other primers that really add a lot of length so I may be biased). The mascara itself is good, but I would definitely use the primer each time before the mascara (if you are interested in big, bold lashes).

Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil is super easy to use and is an all in one tool as it has the pencil on one end and the eye brow brush on the other. So you have everything you need! All you need to do is to quickly brush your brows upward, then fill them in with the pencil, and finally use the brush again to smooth it all out.

Tinted Lip Balm

This lip balm is super moisturizing and gives my lips a good color. One item to note is that it doesn’t last long, so you will have to keep reapplying throughout the day.

3 Steps to Dewy Skin

Gentle Gel Cleanser

This cleanser is truly a “Gentle” cleanser as stated in the title. It does do a good job of cleaning off your face, but if you have some thicker makeup on, I would probably suggest using a makeup wipe prior.

Stay Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid + NMF Serum

I have been using this serum right after I clean my face with the Gentle Gel Cleanser and noticed my skin really soaks this liquid up. So far after about of week of using this serum I haven’t noticed any big changes, but am hopeful after some time I will notice benefits.

Hydrogel Cream

Of all the night time moisturizers I have used, I truly feel that this Hydrogel Cream is super hydrating! If you are looking for a moisturizer that works, I would definitely recommend this one. *I have been using this after I apply the Stay Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid + NMF Serum.

Prime + Perfect Mask

I first want to say that I loved how smooth this face mask made my skin feel. Second, the mask itself was super silky which made me feel like the ingredients were high quality. One thing to note is that the masks is super thick when you first squeeze it out of the tube, but don’t worry it is super easy to spread over your skin.

According to the box, this mask is supposed to firm, nourish, and moisturize. I definitely felt like my face was moisturized and nourished since my face was smooth and felt very hydrated. However, I didn’t quite feel like it firmed my skin. But maybe this occurs over time.

Overall thoughts, comparing this face mask over cheap masks you get at the store, I’d say this mask is definitely a step up. I think there are much better face masks out there, but for the low cost and the fact that the ingredients are clean, this face mask is worth it.

* I used the Gentle Gel Cleanser before the mask and used the Stay Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid + NMF Serum and Hydrogel Cream after the mask. All included in the 3 Steps to Dewy Skin kit.

One last tip!

My number one tip is to purchase the kits! It made it super easy to completely redo my entire makeup/skin care routine when I had every item I needed already in the kit. A few of the kits also had videos on the website of how to apply the products and in what order. Check out this video on the 5-Minute Makeup Kit. I found this super helpful!

EWG Site

So one of the most helpful tools to use in the pursuit of non-toxic and clean products is the EWG (Environmental Work Group) site. This site along with the EWG Skin Deep site I mentioned earlier, provide research, information, and a database full of products that have been rated based on how toxic or clean they are. You can search almost any product (even the ones currently in your makeup bag) and can see it’s rating. Another positive note is that they are constantly adding products to the database, so if you don’t see your product now, there is a good chance it will be there in the future.

According to their site, the EWG mission is to “To empower you with breakthrough research to make informed choices and live a healthy life in a healthy environment.” So go check this site out when you get a chance! It is so full great information.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if you have tried any non-toxic makeup/skin care and how you liked them!

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