My New Favorite Rum!

Okay so I really do not drink a whole lot. Don't get me wrong, I definitely love going out for beers or cocktails or a nice glass of wine, but I really don't do it that often. So it is pretty rare that I find a drink I am in love with! Well I recently saw an easy cocktail on Kristin Pressley's IG about this Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Rum Cream and La Croix. After trying it myself, I absolutely loved it.

Spiced Mulled Wine

For Christmas, I figured I'd try out this Mulled Wine drink and let me tell you, it is totally worth it! This is a new favorite of mine and may have to be a drink we make every Christmas. Full of fruit and spice flavors with the wine to help out your mood, can't see how anyone wouldn't enjoy this bad boy!

Thanksgiving Quarantini

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I know this year is going to be different for a lot of us due to the Covid pandemic. Whether you plan on staying home or traveling this year, things will just not be the same. One way we plan on at least making it feel the same is by preparing a turkey, eating some pumpkin pie, and enjoying an icy Thanksgiving inspired "Quarantini"!

Fire Spiked Apple Cider

Who doesn't love a good fall cocktail? I know I do! And if you know me, you know I can't get enough cinnamon and love all things apple! Delicioso!!!! So, with my love of cinnamon, apples, and of course fall, I had to come up with a tasty fall cocktail.


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