Taos, NM Weekend Trip

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We had such a blast running up to Taos, NM for the weekend. It was a nice quick getaway from the busy city life we are used to. Taos is a small mountain town in northern New Mexico and has plenty of outdoor activities, delicious food venues, lots of shopping, and cool places to spend the night.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Hotel Luna Mystica over the weekend. Located 10 minutes northwest of Taos. These remodeled vintage airstream trailers are super unique and extremely cozy. We specifically stayed in the “1951 Royal Spartanette (Christopher)“. These trailers book up fast so make sure to plan ahead!

Where We Ate

Throughout the weekend we went to a few different spots for food. Our favorite was the Gorge Bar & Grill located in the Historic Taos Plaza. Here we had an amazing Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wrap (super delicious give this a try!). For breakfast we went to Michael’s Kitchen and Elevation Coffee. Michael’s has a lot of breakfast options and Elevation Coffee is a super cute coffee shop with some premade options likes scones and burritos. If you are looking for a place that is open late, give the Taos Pizza Out Back a try for some good pizza!

Where We Drank

When you are on vacation, even a mini one up to the mountains, some drinks are a must! So on our way up to Taos, we made a stop at the Vivac Winery to do a quick wine tasting! Located near Dixon, NM this is the cutest winery and they are super friendly there! Highly recommend stopping here for a nice relaxing glass of wine out in the fresh mountain air!

On Saturday night we ended up going to a super hip distillery called The Lounge by Rolling Still Distillery. We arrived at about 7 pm, the place was packed and for good reason too! The Lounge is such a fun place to order some amazing cocktails and just take a moment to enjoy the chic environment.

Lastly, although we didn’t get a chance to go, we hear that the Taos Mesa Brewery is a great place to grab a beer and some food!

What We Did

Now Taos is a town full of outdoor activities from skiing to rafting and hiking. Since we wanted a low key weekend, we decided to take a more relaxing approach to Taos and ended up doing some laid back activities such as strolling around the Historic Plaza and taking the scenic drive through Red River, Eagles Nest, and Angle Fire. On the drive we stopped at a few places to walk around and enjoy the gorgeous mountain views. We also took a quick drive up to the Taos Ski Valley where we found some great local shops and a cute little coffee shop we stopped at called Wake & Take. I ordered a Mocha Bullet and absolutely loved it!

Another great spot we visited was the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge! This was such a breathtaking view not only of the gorge, but of the massive bridge that spans the gorge. We were able to see the bridge from the side as well as walk all the way across the bridge. Since I am scared of heights this was quite a heart racing experience!

Overall great weekend away. Looking forward to the next adventure!

I am curious to know if you have had a chance to visit Taos and what your favorite thing was! Let me know in the comments below.

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