The Luggage I Travel With

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We have been traveling a lot more this year and are planning even more trips now that Covid seems to be ending! We have some quick weekend trips as well as week long trips coming up. With all these plans of adventure I was in need of some new luggage for any type of trip! My current set was mismatched and fairly old at this point. So I began my search for some updated luggage.

It took me some time to find this Rose Gold Luggage set as I scoured the internet looking for a set of three that was good quality and great price. I feel this luggage set met every characteristic I was looking for. I ordered these online from Wal Mart here! This set contains a 20″, 24″, and a 28″ suitcase. They also come in a few different colors and also have more vibrant colors from the same brand at Wal Mart here! I am so happy I purchased these. I love the color and feel they are good quality suitcases for traveling. (I haven’t been on a truly long adventure with these yet, but will update this post when I do on how well they held up!)

The next item I have been using every time I travel is this Checkered Shoulder Bag Tote. This bag is the perfect size to throw everything into from my wallet and glasses to my tablet and of course, snacks! It has a couple of pockets inside and comes with a small clutch that clips to a little hook inside the purse so you can take it out if you don’t want to use it. I also just purchased this purse organizer to fit in the bottom to help organize my things!

Staying with the rose gold theme, the last piece of luggage I take is this Rose Gold Travel Makeup Case! I definitely use this to help keep my makeup and jewelry organized when we travel. I love the fact that it has adjustable spacers so that I can rearrange the case to make the perfect sections for all my things! It also comes with a carrying strap and is available in other colors!

Hope this post helps with your next adventure!

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