Two Delicious Meal Service Plans to Use In 2021

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The two most important things you can do for yourself is exercise and eat healthy. While I can’t force you into exercising, I can help to point you in the right direction of some super healthy, super easy meal options.

I try to eat clean fresh food when possible, but after a long day of work I tend to get super lazy and hungry which usually leads to me eating subpar food. I end up regretting my food choice but go through the same vicious cycle again the next day. I have tried different ways to get out of this cycle such as quick recipes, weekly menus, and meal prepping. I would start something and use for a while then fall off the wagon because of the time and effort it took to prep, make, and cook the meals.

After realizing what my issue was, I started looking into pre-made meals. Meals that were already prepared, all I had to do was pop the meal in the microwave or oven to heat it up. 

In my research I found two different companies that provide the healthy pre-made meals that I was looking for. So I decided to give them both a try. One is vegetarian which I use for breakfast and lunch options. The other has protein, keto, and paleo options that I eat for dinner. So far I have been loving them both not only for how healthy they are, but how easy they are to make. Best of both worlds and I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to try them out!

Here are my reviews of Daily Harvest and Fresh n Lean.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is an all organic vegetarian meal service plan that provides frozen options such as smoothies, soups, flatbreads, lunch bowls, snack bites, and more. They have options to buy products weekly or buy in bulk once per month.

The website is super easy to navigate and provides lots of information about the ingredients they use and the benefits of these ingredients.

Everything is super easy to make. The bowls and soups can be easily placed in the microwave and heated for 5 minutes (perfect for taking to work). The smoothies are as easy as adding milk, juice, or your favorite liquid and blending together for the best tasting healthy smoothie right from your own kitchen. The snack bites and ice cream are ready to eat right out of the container, which I often do. For the oatmeal and chia seed puddings, you add milk and place in the fridge overnight. These are just some of the many pre-made options they have.

I like to purchase a monthly box of 24 items and love to fill it full of a little bit of everything! From soups to smoothies and flatbreads to lattes. Why not try it all? I have loved every product I have tried. The food they offer is so delicious and so easy to make I can’t believe its healthy as well.

Cost: $9 per item on average

Give Daily Harvest a try! Here is a code to use at checkout for $25 off: RE-2HAYK8K

Fresh n Lean

Fresh n Lean is a weekly meal service that provides pre-made microwaveable meals. It’s that simple. They offer protein, keto, paleo, and vegan focused meals and have options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just select which meals of the day you want (breakfast, lunch, or/dinner) and select how many days a week you want the meals (5 or 7 days). The meals are delivered weekly on Fridays.

These are so easy to make. You just poke a few holes in the plastic and pop in the microwave for three minutes. These meals are super delicious!

My husband and I were looking for some healthy meals that were pre-made and are on repeat delivery. We wanted weekly dinner options that we could stick in our fridge and easily heat up for dinner. That’s when we found Fresh N Lean. These meals have been so amazing to have as nightly meal options. We have stopped going out for fast food and making dinner is no longer a pain point for us. It takes us less then ten minutes to make both our meals AND these are way healthier than anything we were eating before! We have been loving it!

Cost: $15 per item on average

Give Fresh N Lean a try!

If you get the chance to try one of these I hope you love it as much as I do!

Have you been trying any meal services lately? I’d love to hear more about other meal service plans!

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