Why I Switched to Velvet Hangers and Why You Should Too!

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One of the best things I have ever done is replace all of my wood and plastic hangers to velvet hangers! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I made the switch. These velvet hangers not only look great but also keep from ruining my clothes!

I decided to make the switch for a few reasons. The first being that my shirts were getting stretch marks. If you have ever kept a heavy shirt or sweater on a plastic hanger for a couple of months you may have noticed those little “nipples” on the shoulders start to develop from the hangers. This was driving me crazy and no matter how I positioned my clothes on the hanger, the fabric kept getting stretched. Secondly my shirts would also fall off the hangers themselves. Made things frustrating when trying to hang items of clothing with low necklines or one sleeved shirts.

I have been so happy with these hangers as they have solved all of my problems. My shirts are no longer getting those pesky “nipples” on the shoulders and I haven’t had a piece of clothing fall of the hangers! And a plus, my whole closet looks so much better as all of the hangers match. Making my closet look really organized and put together!


I purchased the Ivory color of velvet hangers with the rose gold hook. I also purchased the pant clips in the same color and have truly been happy with my purchase.

I am curious, what hangers do you use? Have you tried velvet hangers yet?

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